Teachers and VET centres

Netinvet is a network with more than 100 VET centres located in 10 member countries.
By joining de NETINVET network teachers and VET centres join a community and dispose of a performant tool multiplying mobility between countires and developing good practices. This dynamic allows to rise the quality of vocational education and training and offers first-hand intercultural experince to learners.

Netinvet: paving the way for true access to Europe!

At the core of the network’s activities, training centres are essential members of NETINVET and main actors of mobility, aiming to promote recognised mobility for learners in vocational training in Europe by establishing mutual trust among members and providing various tools to facilitate the organisation of exchanges.

Considering the scope of the procedure – administrative and otherwise – and the investment that mobility represents, it is understandable that training centres and teachers wonder about the true benefits of joining the NETINVET network, mainly in terms of added value and facilitating the organisation of mobility.

Why join the network?

The NETINVET network provides multiple opportunities for exchange, forging contacts and sharing good practices. Moreover, The NETINVET network provides its member training centres with:

  • a network of more than 100 training centres from ten EU countries
  • a large panel of companies ready to welcome foreign students, all preselected by member training centres, ensuring the high quality of work placements
  • common references for trainings in the international trade and transport & logistics sectors aiming to facilitate mobility and recognition of learning outcomes acquired by learners abroad • tools dedicated to capitalisation, transfer and validation of participants’ learning outcomes as well as the monitoring and recognition process for all mobility operations
  • charters to certify and ensure the quality of trainings offered
  • a member space on the website with interactive tools to facilitate the organisation of mobility, exchange best practices and more easily find new partners Interested in the network?