ESITL project

The NETINVET network is leader of an Erasmus + strategic partnership project.
The aim of this 26-months project is to facilitate the evaluation and recognition of learning outcomes that the learners achieved during study and work placement mobility.

ESITL project

Background of the ESITL project

The validation of learning outcomes achieved during mobility still rises problems, despite the progress made at European level and the implementation of tools such as the Erasmus charter, ECTS, ECVET, EQF, Europass, etc.

In this context, and with the objective to provide concerted and operational responses to these difficulties, the NETINVET network is running a Strategic partnership project in the framework of the Erasmus + programme.

Main objectives of the ESITL project:

  • ESITL focuses on EQF level 5 qualifications for the Transport Manager (Transport and Logistics sector) and the Import-Export Commercial Assistant (International Trade sector).
  • ESITL aims to design shared references in the form of job profiles and skills registers that can evolve in line with new requirements induced by technological, competitive and organisational changes in the two occupations.
  • The project team will therefore notably take into account environmental questions impacting these jobs and transcribe them into the shared references.
  • Operational solutions will be prepared to organise quality mobility actions and facilitate the recognition of the achievements of learners with the use of European tools (ECTS for higher education and ECVET for professional training).

Project partners:

ESITL is led by NETINVET and involves six members from the network as well as two external stakeholders. ESITL associates three strategic stakeholders for the development and implementation of vocational training from four countries (Germany, Spain, France, Portugal): education and training providers, sector representatives and competent authorities (as associated partners).

Project results:

The ESITL project will produce 10 Intellectual Outputs.