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Frédérique | 2 teachers from the IES EL LAGO high school in Madrid share the classes of the BTS sections

1 week in Frankreich - 2021

Within the framework of the NETINVET exchanges the teachers of the ENC Bessières (https://www.enc-bessieres.org/) welcomed for four days two colleagues of the high school IES EL LAGO of Madrid.

During the NETINVET forum held in Paris in October 2021, Dominique GRONDIN (teacher at ENC) got in touch with the correspondents of IES EL LAGO. Two teachers from the Administration and Management department: Tania BELLOSO BELTRÁN and Lourdes ZAMORA LERÍN, joined us from November 29 to December 3.

They were welcomed in the different sections:

- With Camille PARNET and her students during a TD on the use of Wordpress;

- With Geneviève RODRIGUEZ and her students for a Spanish class;

- With Stéphane SENTUCQ in a Human Resources lesson;

- With Florence SAADA in administrative organization;

- With Marie-Jeanne TEILLARD on HR applications in French and Spanish.

Tania and Lourdes had the opportunities to exchange with BTS students on the possibilities of internship in Madrid and in Spain. Students also presented them PIX and their Voltaire project.

Many thanks to all the teachers who opened their classrooms to our Madrid colleagues and to all those who volunteered as well. Thank you to the students who shared their experiences and their mastery of Spanish and English!

Thank you to Mrs. Azoulay, assistant principal, for her welcome and interest in these exchanges.

Thank you for your participation and your availability.

We sincerely hope that these exchanges will be fruitful and can be repeated.

Dominique GRONDIN, referent teacher for the European and international action

Magalie HUGUET-BOURREL coordinator international trade section

Frédérique Thouzellier BTS international trade