Amir and Thien | Mobility of students from NOVA College in Haarlem at the Lycée Xavier Marmier in Pontarlier

2 weeks in Frankreich - 2015

My name is Amir Mohseni and I am 19 years old. I follow the study International trades at Nova College in Haarlem. I went to Pontalier with 2 classmates for 2 weeks. At first everything was really bad cause it was very cold, we didnt knew anybody and the village we lived in was very small so nothing to do for us. When we got to our school we finaly learned some french and became friends with our classmates. Since that day I started to like it in French. I learned alot about the French schooling system, culture and the people itself. I am very glad i was a part of this project. We made such a good bonding with some of our classmates that we want to come back in the summer to pontalier. The only bad thing was almost no one spoken decend english.

My name is Thien Nguyen and i follow the studie International Trades at NovaCollege in Haarlem. For my study i went to Lycee Marmier Xavier in Pontarlier, which is located in France with 2 other students from my school. When we came there we were introduced to a few French classmates who surprisingly spoke decent English. They were kind enough to pick us from Lausanne by car. The first couple days was kind of awkward because of the language barrier. Our skill in the French language was really bad and most of the people in France don’t or can’t speak English.For our first school day we had to follow a French language course to learn the basics at GRETA. The following days we had class with our classmates. The classmates were shy in the beginning because of the language barrier but we went out one night with the class and everyone started to loosen a bit which caused us to really introduce and know each other. We also went to do some fun activities such as snowboarding and visiting the beautiful city Besançon. During the 2 weeks we also took an internship at a French company. My overall experience about the project is quite good.