Béla | Study mobility & internship at the Albeda College in Rotterdam

February to July 2018 in Deutschland - 2018

My name is Béla, I’m 19 years old and I’m studying International trade in the Hugues LIBERGIER High school in Reims.
First of all, when my teacher told me that our training gives the opportunity to go to another country to do our second semester, I didn’t hesitate. I decided to go to Rotterdam to study at Albeda College because I wanted to improve my English and to get a new experience.

I’ve always wanted so much to discover other countries and now it is a chance for me to realize it.
Moreover, it’s a life experience.
I learned to be more responsible by having my own accommodation, to manage my money, to shop at the grocery store, to use the mean of transportation by myself abroad, etc…
When I arrived, I thought that I would be sad to leave my friends and family in France, but not at all.
I have received a lot of support from my French classmates, from my friends and family.
The Dutch students and the teachers were very nice to me and they helped me through the semester.
But the best moment was when I began my internship because I met other interns from Spain and from France.
At first the work was a little bit hard because the methods are different from France and I had to handle some class from France too.

To find an accommodation was the most difficult and stressful thing during this experience. I found mine just one week before arriving in the Netherlands.
If I could give an advice to foreigner, it would be “Firstly Look for an accommodation”.

If I had the chance to redo this experience, I will go forward without hesitation.
To go to Rotterdam was the best decision ever because I grew up in my mind and learnt a lot about different cultures and school’s methods.