Mobility prize

The NETINVET network recently created the Mobility Prize. This distinction is intended for young learners who have achieved mobility within the network. This prize will be awarded each year.

To participate, learners are invited to create testimonials that should be original and creative and describe the quality of the mobility, highlighting the personal enrichment as well as new professional opportunities and benefits.

The second Mobility Prize has been awarded during the last NETINVET Annual Forum in Dublin in March 2018. You can watch it here!

Mobility prize

Sephora Loango Pepo | Unforgettable Rotterdam

Winner 2018

In this video, we describe the two weeks we spent in Rotterdam, during a cross-culture exchange at Albeda College. With 25 other european students, we learned about marketing and branding and carried out a project during which we created a company, a brand, and commercials. We also expanded our network and met unforgettable people.

Mireia Carrau Moreno | I’m a Traveler

Second place 2018

With this video I want to show how great was my experience doing Erasmus in France, also you can see a lot of things I learned during my time there. Also I want to show everyone that you shouldn’t give up when some situations are difficult than the expected. This video is the proof that you will learn as much things as you want to. So, maybe some students if they see this will be encouraged to have a similar experiences.

Louis Lefebvre | Film – Rotterdam Netinvet

Third place 2018

Introduction of my trip to Rotterdam with my friends and presentation of what we did during these 2 weeks.

Nuria Liarte | Imagine...

Winner 2017

16 weeks Study Mobility in France