The NETINVET networks currently comprises more than 100 schools and training centres, working for the development of learner mobility in the European Union and actively engaged in the network.
In addition to their work, the network is strongly supported through the involvement of professional organisations representing the transport & logistics and automobile service sectors. The primary role of these organisations is to provide their professional expertise and necessary knowledge for the creation and development of shared references consistent with the needs of a changing labour market and the existing vocational training programmes in these three sectors.

Five professional organisations are partners of the network

AFT in France serves as President of NETINVET until the next General assembly in March 2024. They contribute jointly to the development of the network and support the efforts of training centres. Furthermore, two individuals from these organisations are responsible for activity coordination and organisation of meetings.

The SBB, STL and MBO Raad support the network in the in the Netherlands. The SBB is moreover represented by their vocational training mobility expert at steering committee meetings.

In 2017 the car maintenance sector rejoined the network and is represented by the French professional organisation ANFA.

Organisation responsible for the development of professional training in the Transport and Logistics (AFT)

Created in 1957 at the initiative of the French Transport Federation Union, the AFT is the organisation responsible for the development of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in the Transport and Logistics industry. Its mission is to work for companies covered by the French national collective agreement for road transport (passengers/ goods) and related activities such as logistics and forwarding, as well as industrial and commercial companies with their own means of transport.

AFT has signed cooperation agreements with the French Ministries for National Education, Higher Education, Transport, Labour and Finance and provides expertise, guidance documents and pedagogical and technical assistance for the creation and the development of diploma and VET trainings in the sector. AFT also participates in the financing of the trainings, training centres and higher education schools and plays a major role in terms of professional orientation.

Promoting European mobility, the AFT has joined the NETINVET network in the framework of the EURO TRANS LOG project in 2012 which opened up possibilities of recognised learner mobility in transport and logistics.

National Association for Training in the Automobile Service sector (ANFA)

ANFA (Association Nationale pour la Formation Automobile et la Mobilité) implements the education and training policy of the French automotive services sector, which comprises 100,000 companies and 400,000 employees.

ANFA is jointly managed by the social partners. With a budget of 235 million euros and its 170 employees, ANFA funds the training of the sector’s workforce, supports companies in their employment and skills management and promotes alternance training, especially apprenticeships.

The promotion of European mobility has been part of the sector’s training policy for more than 20 years. Therefore, ANFA has developed a strategy and measures to promote the mobility of learners, teachers and trainers and to help training providers develop European partnerships. 

Cooperation Organisation for Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market (SBB)

The new Cooperation Organisation for Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market (SBB) began on 1st of August 2015. Vocational education and business, trade and industry collaborate within SBB to provide students with the best possible practical training with a view to gaining employment. Businesses are thus provided with the most highly qualified professionals.

Now and in the future, work placement companies can therefore count on support with training young professionals in practice. SBB is responsible for accrediting and coaching work placement companies, maintaining the qualification framework for secondary vocational education and looking after the labour market, professional practical training and suitability information.

The education and business, trade and industry sectors also set up agreements with SBB regarding professional training and business, trade and industry issues, such as qualifications and exams, professional practical training and suitability.

SBB works on a sector, regional and national level.

MBO Raad

What is MBO Raad?

  • The Association of Colleges in NL, that promotes collective interests of the sector and acts as an employer’ organization
  • Intermediary between VET-colleges and government, professional branch organisations, industries and other stakeholders
  • Provides colleges and stakeholders with guidance, benchmark, figures and advice
  • Promotes innovation and ongoing professional development