Coralie and Alex | 2 French students from Lycée Libergier (Reims) to Albeda College

6 months in The Netherlands - 2014

My name is Coralie, I’m 20 years old and I’m studying international trade in the Hugues Libergier highschool in Reims. During the first months of this formation, our teachers tell us that we have the opportunity to spend our second semester abroad, and after continue with our 2 months of internship. They told us about the exchange with Albeda College in Rotterdam, and I was very interested but, I have to admit it, a little bit afraid. I spoke with my parents, with the teachers and with Erwin, a second year student who already done this experience last year. With all those information and support, I took the decision to do it! And now I can say that I really don’t regret it … It was something incredible, and I learned a lot. It’s a chance which was given to us; I discovered another culture, language, way of thinking and working during 5 months… It was not very easy at the beginning, because a lot of things were different, but everyone was there to help us to succeed. And I already learned a lot about myself, how to work all by myself and to learn from it, and to conciliate the work for Albeda and for my school in Reims. It was 3 months of hard work, but I’m proud of what I’ve done and I think I gave my best. This experience also helped me to improve my English skills, my intellectual skills and showed me that I could be totally autonomous, even in a foreign country. It was an experience I will never forget, it allowed me to open my mind even more than it already was, and moreover gave me even more the envy to discover new things, new countries, new cultures as well as new people.

Which advice would you give to learners who hesitate to go abroad? (max. 1000 characters)
During this intercultural exchange, I discovered another culture, mentality and way of life which was really different from the French one, even if I wasn't so far from my home country.

First we were a little bit disappointed by this new work methods, the atmosphere in class, and the relation between the teachers and their students. But, thanks to the help of the Dutch people, who welcomed us very kindly, we could adapt really quickly.

After the adaptation period, we enjoyed our journey, discovering Rotterdam, and the whole Holland country. It was a totally new culture, and it became along the stay a really nice experience.

We met kind people, who were pleased to show us their country and way of life.
How did you prepare for your stay abroad and what tips would you give to other learners for the preparation of the mobility period? (max. 1000 characters)
Although it was sometimes difficult, missing our country, we knew we were living an incredible experience and having one of the most unique opportunity of our studies.
Which advice can you give concerning the everyday life in the country you have been to (accommodations, costs of living, etc.)? (max. 1000 characters)
We also worked hard to meet the school Partner expectations, and to success in our integration.
So, I will remember it was a wonderful experience and I would advice everybody to make it if possible.
I also would like to thanks all the persons who allowed us to live this experience.