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NETINVET online workshops fostering new projects within the network - Edition #3

The NETINVET Steering Committee organised in cooperation with five member schools several online workshops to boost virtual and real mobility projects and feature innovative pedagogical methods and tools. Over 30 network members participated.

The online workshops held on Monday, 17th of May, were the 3rd edition of the NETINVET “virtual market places”. The aim of this series of online events is to connect the NETINVET member schools through interactive workshops, help them find partners or strengthen their existing partnerships by setting up new projects dealing with virtual and/or real mobility. 32 teachers, trainers and mobility coordinators from eight European countries participated (Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain).

Four interactive online workshops to start new mobility projects and feature pedagogical tools

All the workshops were facilitated by schools from the network with the support of a member of the Steering Committee to help create an enjoyable atmosphere and increase participant engagement to make these online meetings really interactive and dynamic.

The participants had a broad choice among four different topics:
  • One workshop was run by two member schools and aimed at connecting members for virtual mobility projects for students in transport and logistics trainings at EQF levels 5 and 6 (European Qualifications Framework).
  • Another school presented its intercultural seminar planned for autumn 2021 and targeting students in international trade trainings at EQF level 5.
  • A network of schools from the automotive sector presented its programme of virtual exchanges for VET learners at EQF levels 3 and 4.
  • Finally, one of the workshops allowed one member school presenting the results of its Erasmus + project, which support the continuous professional development of VET teachers across the EU, namely a self-assessment tool for practitioners using digital pedagogical tools and cross-sectoral case studies.

Save the date...

This was the last edition of online meetings before the summer break. The next important meeting will be the annual Forum and General Assembly of the network. They will be held on 7th and 8th of October in Paris in a hybrid format. Save the date in your agendas!