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Online Survey - Sustain4VET

We need your feedback!

In the framework of a new Erasmus+ project that has just started and may be of interest to you, the AFT, one of the French professional organisations supporting the NETINVET network, needs your feedack. 
"Sustain4VET" aims to equip teachers of EQF levels 4 and 5 in Transport-Logistics with "live" case studies. 
What is a "live" case study? 
They are different from classic case studies because they involve a real customer with a real problem and a real deadline. The environment is "real" and allows participants to study a current situation. Often, work on live case studies continues for several monts. 
The "Sustain4VET" project will focus on the issue of sustainable development for the content of the case studies and will allow us to: 
  • develop innovative pedagogies for teachers to use live case studies (distance or face-to-face) 
  • provide "turnkey" living case studies 
  • develop a transferable methodology allowing teachers/trainers to prepare new live case studies themsleves 
This questionnaire aims to learn more about the use of live case studies in T&L training, to identify your needs and interests related to this pedagogical method and to analyse the benefits of its use for teachers. The results will be used, on the one hand, within the framework of the project to produce results that meet your needs and, on the other hand, to publish a scientific article on the subject. 
Answering this anonymous questionnaire should not take more than 10 minutes of your time: The link will remain active until March 28, 2022. We would be grateful if you could share it with your colleagues. 
Thank you for your effort and time.