Studying abroad is a rewarding experience in terms of both personal and professional development, to deepen knowledge, to question habits and assumptions, and to increase openness towards other people and cultures.
By recounting their mobility within the European network NETINVET, learners share valuable and unique experiences, while providing a great deal of information and advice.

Please see the ‘Mobility Prize’ section of the website to discover new creative and original testimonials, produced by learners participating in the competition.

Testimonials from learners


Coralie and Alex | 2 French students from Lycée Libergier (Reims) to Albeda College

My name is Coralie, I’m 20 years old and I’m studying international trade in the Hugues Libergier highschool in Reims. During the first months of this formation, our teachers tell us that we have the opportunity to spend our second semester abroad, and af...

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